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Project Description
WowTourGuideTranslator is a program to parse and automatically translate files for the TourGuide addon for World of Warcraft. It automatically translates quest names, locations, item names ans npc names. It's developed in C# with .net 3.5 SP1.

The tool gets the translations from wowhead. And it has direct integration of wowhead and for the manual translation of the notes (other sites can be configured in the .config file). Because of the use of wowhead it supports automatic translations to the wowhead languages (de, fr, ru, es).

All translated texts are saved locally, so if the english guide changes a bit, you will only have to translate the changed part. The rest is still saved locally.

Just install the program with the OnClick installation on and launch it.


After the program is launched click "browse" to select one or more English guides, select the target language and press "Run" to start the first processing.


The WowTourGuideTranslator automatically translates all locations, quests, items and NPCs it finds.
If you want to use the WowTourGuideTranslator for the whole guide translation, just check the "try to translate notes" box and rerun the translation process.
Now the WowTourGuideTranslator tries to translate the notes too, which obviously leads to a lot of "Translation failed for ..." entries after the first run.


To translate them, switch to the "Translation helper" tab page and select one of the untranslated items at the top. If you press F5 it tries to translate it using Google API, by double clicking the right columns cells you can edit the translation manually.


Click "Commit changes" to save the translations and remove them from the untranslated strings list. If you have text you are not sure how to translate you can select the original text and right click it to select a website that assists you with this piece of text. At the moment they are mostly German language related, but they can be expanded very easy.


This will open the Browser window with the result for your selected search.


If the program did the translation you are looking for i.e. a NPC name or a location, you can search for it in the full translations list by entering a search string to the "search" input field.


If you have any further questions about the usage, just post a discussion entry or an issiue.

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